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Travelling around Africa?

I was wondering how I would go about visiting every country in Africa. I have about 30,000 AUD, my basic plan was to arrive in a part if Africa and hope for the best. Would there be a “smart” way about going about this travel … ect So would anyone have any advice about how [...]

what is a very small planetary body?

this is homework and at the 4 letter of the answer in fact my crosswrd puzzle sayz it has a n at the 4th letter Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: Maybe “moon” is an answer. While the Earth’s Moon isn’t officially a planet…it really is the same “stuff” as a planet. [...]

can you please answer this?

Explain how five particular features contribute to the ability of bacteria to cause disease. Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: Fimbriae, or pili. The hair-like structures on the surface of the bacterial body are called fimbriae or pili (Source: Todor’s online Textbook of Bacteriology). These hairs are able to attach themselves to [...]

Can Ice glaciers flow without melting?

My questions stem from the following video. This may insult theists, watch at your own discretion. I realize that it is a joke, I am under no delusion. But none the less the topics are interesting. I don’t know what the host means by Glaciers flowing without melting. Like one part of a glacier ends [...]

Dem’s have control of the house and senate for 2 years now, unemployment at it’s highest/ gas at it’s highest?

Yes, it’s still the rep’s the media blame, Ouestion why is this??? Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: What’s your point? You’re just passing the blame when the reality is… While the Republicans were in power… The economy was already going down. The mortgage crisis was already in motion. Also, the budget [...]

Any good ideas for a stop motion animation i’m making?

Something simple maybe.This will be my first time doing this. I don’t own any lego figures or action figures to work with so the subject should be a human (me?) I was thinking of myself doing my morning routine (shaving,showering,eating breakfast). What should I do? Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: Stop [...]

I need some dares for my epic party, any ideas?

This is a bunch of 15 year old males and females, I will be having 15 black boxes containing props for dares and I need more dares for my boxes any help would be appreciated. Cheers I have a couple things like eating wasabi and squid and weet bix, and doing shots of tomato sauce [...]

Ok. there will be times when my cats eat all their food b4 I get home from work…..?

and I notice that they start puking up clear liquid.. like the water they have been drinking. When I feed them… they stop pukeing. All 3 of my cats do this. Why do they do this? Anyone know what I am talking about??? Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: Vomiting is one [...]

a few general internet security and computer servicing questions?

Sorry if these all are overwhelming, but any sincere response or help will be appreciated. I have Komodo Firewall and Avast Anti-Virus. What’s the difference between the scan feature in Avast and Komodo? Also, Avast has a boot-time scan feature. Is there any reason to use this? If so, how often? I also have CCleaner. [...]

Would I be allowed to do this?

I know I can’t upload films to YouTube without being a partner and even then there is a high risk of it being removed but what about Daily Motion? What would happen if I upload a film to that? Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: If its still copyright violation then any [...]