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How can I have a no-hassle pinhole hidden camera?

I’m wanting to put one in my room be cause it think my maid is taking my valuables. I’m wanting a pinhole camera (small enough I be hidden) to be attached to a USB hardrive (i have one of those 500 GB ones) so I can check it at the end if the day, is [...]

what is a very small planetary body?

this is homework and at the 4 letter of the answer in fact my crosswrd puzzle sayz it has a n at the 4th letter Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: Maybe “moon” is an answer. While the Earth’s Moon isn’t officially a planet…it really is the same “stuff” as a planet. [...]

What is the pancreas used for? How does it affect a person’s life if it didn’t work correctly? What functio?

i need a real answer because im doing a project and im making a test so i need the answer to my own question Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: The pancreas is a small (5 to 6 inches) gland that produces insulin and enzymes used for digestion. Insulin regulates the use [...]

How do you become host more often on Call of Duty Black Ops?

I am a very hardcore gamer, i game like crazy, but i dont play 24/7, gaming is just a passion for me, Call of Duty Black Ops is a good game in all but if you dont have a decent-amazing connection chances are you wont do good at all, my internet is really bad, i [...]

I want to set up a website for my small business, but am confused about subdomain?

I need to set up a website for my disability practice, as I will be advertising on another site and want potential customers to be able to be able to contact me through my website. I want my domain name to be and not be a subdomain of my web host, as I also [...]

Why is it expensive to setup a small scale website?

I’m reading a book on setting up a business from home, which said that even a small website will cost 1000s of dollars up front, but why? I have estimated that the total cost of my website is about 0 since I have bought a web site template with a shopping cart that I have [...]

Anyone know about creating a website with payment options?

I am building a website for a small business, most likely using InMotion as my host with a SSL Certification. Does anyone know what additional steps are necessary to set up credit card payments? Do web hosts offer services that services that monitor and control those transactions or is it up to me to input [...]

I need the best web host (& domain) ever?

I need to set up a website, no high level coding, but economic & reliable & I don’t have much experience with this at all. I ‘m considering some like just host, inmotion , yahoo & godaddy. & I need the lowest price, small business class. so which do you recommend? or is there any [...]

what site is better for web page hosting?

Does anyone know what is better for a small online business that is just starting price doesnt really matter but i do need it to include free payments with paypal and credit also allow me to make a scroll down option to choose different colors, flavors ect… Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best [...]

Best Business web hosting plan?

I just need a hosting plan for my small business with 2 domains and easy to use web design template. I have inMotion ( ), but its going to expire in 2 weeks and I know they are going to raise their prices way high. Needs to have contact form ( email) and would [...]