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What I need 2 create a movie site like youtude and which host do I use?

Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: PHP Motion is a Youtube clone software but before you go buy it or waste your time let me explain what is needed to run it. You need a Linux server with PHP MYSQL and Apache a static IP address and Unlimited Band Width. Now this [...]

Any tips on giving better customer service as a host in a restaurant?

Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: I’m a server as well as a customer–Here are a few tips to ensure great service: Remember that you are the first and the last person a customer will see–smile, be polite, professional, and sincere in your greetings and farewells. Know several greetings and farewells to [...]

What would you like to have on MW2 wii if they do make it?

If Infinity Ward or whoever decide to make MW2 for wii, what would you like on it. Personally, i own a wii but not a 360 or PS3 and i would like for there to be a wireless headset like the one xbox has which should come with the game, allow motion plus(for better movement), [...]

is inmotion a good server for blogs?

I’m looking to start a blog, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about InMotion Hosting. However, they seem to be more of a business website host rather than a blog host. Does that matter? would I still be able to create an effective blog? Also, are their web design tools pretty good? I [...]

Looking for Dedicated or VPS Server?

Im looking for a new server and it will have to be VPS or Dedicated. Id prefer a company that doesnt even offer shared hosting. Ive made bad experiece with godaddy, networksolutions, iweb and unfortunately inmotionhosting, which used to me one of my favorites. Since INMH go hacked 2 month ago, the problems just kept [...]

I have question – What is different between shared hosting and Virtual Private Server Hosting ? READ DETAIL?

I basically want to know what is quite difference – i’m thinking of running tutorial site with quite videos around (200) of them – i already made it so – I want to host all video from my website – NOT FROM Youtube or any other site. In all web-hosting site like – or [...]

how to earn good with VPS (virtual private server)?

I’m new to web hosting business, i have purshased the VPS from, please advise what plan and startagies do i have to follow to earn max. profit? please advise with proper reference and planning structure of hosting company…. how should i invest to increase my business, what are the ways to introduce my business [...]