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i want to customise my myspace for music and background?

I want to add my own music to myspace that i can’t find on thier own page. I do have a host page for music. I also want to customise my myspace without having to use those tacky pre made ones. I want motion, sound, and vivid color, but I cant seem to do it [...]

Any good Romantic Comedy Anime/Manga out there?

Hi! I’ve already watched/read things like: Ouran High School Host Club School Rumble DN Angel The Wallflower Lovely Complex The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Your and My Secret Negima –just as an idea– P.S. The art is very important to me!!! and I don’t really like perverted ones… Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! [...]

Any good Japanese drama?

Yea I need some Japanese dramas to watch. I want skwl and romance ones. I’ve watched mei chan no shitusuji, yamato shichi henge, nobuta wo produce, ouran highschool host club, atashinchi no danshi, Hana kimi, Hana yori dango, koizora, 1 litre of tears(ichi rittoru no namida) and binbo danshi. Plz help and sorry for the [...]

What are some examples of Materialism and dualism in everyday life?

anything helps:) thanks!! Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: We are living in two universes, one being unchanged working as a Host and other one always changing, growing, expanding and contracting, the Guest Universe . This is the dualism diversification that results in possibility of motion and growth in this universe. The [...]

Can Ice glaciers flow without melting?

My questions stem from the following video. This may insult theists, watch at your own discretion. I realize that it is a joke, I am under no delusion. But none the less the topics are interesting. I don’t know what the host means by Glaciers flowing without melting. Like one part of a glacier ends [...]

english dubbed romance anime?

whats a good romance anime that is english dubbed plz no inuyasha fruits basket kodocho peach girl school rumble marmalade boy and just a reminder ENGLISH DUBBED ONLY NO SUBS PLZ AND THANK YOU loves Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: Ouran High school Host Club used to be all on youtube [...]

What’s the logic of Obama appointing Hillary as Secretary of State?

Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: In this move he accomplishes a host of desired goals. One… he places an individual into position that already has an international identity. Two… he puts someone into motion in that field that is aware of numerous circumstances that are related Three.. he eliminates her as [...]

Can you help me explain this dream?

I was standing behind a wooden counter in a restaurant where the host that greets guests usually stands. Then a man that looked like one of the waiters came over, looked at me, and said “I am the beginning”. Then he walked away, I said what do you mean but he didn’t hear me because [...]

what are advantages and disadvantages of blackberry mobile phones?

Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: The BlackBerry is a smart phone manufactured by Research in Motion. The phone allows users to access their email and calendar, and provides Internet access and a host of applications designed to make people’s lives more efficient. However, deciding to upgrade your phone to a BlackBerry [...]

whats cinguler commercial has the guy that is holding the laptop and its about the new wireless internet card?

where can i find the commercial on the internet i think it is funny i love that commercial Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: tr you tube or daily motion type in cingular commercials it may also be under at&t commercials \ since cingular is now the new at&t… other than that… [...]