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I don’t think I believe in God…?

I was raised in a Catholic household with both my parents Catholic. I go to church every Sunday but i don’t beleive in the reading or whatever and i don’t think that the host/wine is “changed” into God. I’m NOT saying he doesn’t exist, he might he might not, i don’t know. i’m not an [...]

How to add animated title text on video?

Ya know when you watch news for example and some kind of person is shown sometimes there pops up that text at bottom of screen what says something like “Carl Johnson, the host” or “Barack Obama, president of US” and then it goes away. It is transparent and has all those nice graphics and everything. [...]

Is it better to buy walking or running sneakers? Which one is better for someone who just walks alot?

Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: If you are buying serious, well-designed shoes, shoes for different activities have very different feature sets. Running shoes are designed to prevent a host of problems that occur during the shocks and motions a foot experiences during running. Walking shoes are designed to protect against a [...]

My World’s hottest GF is coming to NYC area and didn’t even tell me she was coming – what should I do?

See, she’s a Happy Nun™ but I just found out that she’s also the Surfing Nun™ ( and I never knew it. Well, I might have guessed by all the teeny bikinis she has. I mean, it’s really difficult to keep her habit on when we go anywhere there’s water or wetness in general. *sigh* [...]

I’ve missed raw last week 6/29?

What has been going down? Explain, same with ecw. I already know smackdown. I thought McMahon got raw back but why is ted dibiase coming back to be a host or something? best answer gets lots of points, so be very very very detailed Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: One week [...]

i want to customise my myspace for music and background?

I want to add my own music to myspace that i can’t find on thier own page. I do have a host page for music. I also want to customise my myspace without having to use those tacky pre made ones. I want motion, sound, and vivid color, but I cant seem to do it [...]

Any good Romantic Comedy Anime/Manga out there?

Hi! I’ve already watched/read things like: Ouran High School Host Club School Rumble DN Angel The Wallflower Lovely Complex The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Your and My Secret Negima –just as an idea– P.S. The art is very important to me!!! and I don’t really like perverted ones… Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! [...]

Any good Japanese drama?

Yea I need some Japanese dramas to watch. I want skwl and romance ones. I’ve watched mei chan no shitusuji, yamato shichi henge, nobuta wo produce, ouran highschool host club, atashinchi no danshi, Hana kimi, Hana yori dango, koizora, 1 litre of tears(ichi rittoru no namida) and binbo danshi. Plz help and sorry for the [...]

What are some examples of Materialism and dualism in everyday life?

anything helps:) thanks!! Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: We are living in two universes, one being unchanged working as a Host and other one always changing, growing, expanding and contracting, the Guest Universe . This is the dualism diversification that results in possibility of motion and growth in this universe. The [...]

Can Ice glaciers flow without melting?

My questions stem from the following video. This may insult theists, watch at your own discretion. I realize that it is a joke, I am under no delusion. But none the less the topics are interesting. I don’t know what the host means by Glaciers flowing without melting. Like one part of a glacier ends [...]