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What are the duties of the maid of honor?

I just want to know what the maid of honor does for the bride in general. Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: From : The maid/matron of honor is part worker bee, part emotional lifeboat. Chosen for your energetic, get-the-ball-in-motion qualities, you should also remember that listening to the bride, [...]

Why did they get rid of the kqrs and 93x morning show podcasts and rebrodcast from their website?

Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: Hry Bill, This took a lot of looking. Tom Barnard has announced he’ll be leaving their morning show in Dec 2012, when his contract expires. The station has long had a philosophy of never mentioning an employee (from DJ to secretary) once they have left. So, [...]

What is the best domain web host out of these three?

1.FatCow 2. Inmotion Hosting 3. WebHostingPad Thanks! Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: None. You can get 3 free domains from: Right now they even have a mega discount and they are the only ones on the market to offer 15 individual IP addresses. by: Happiness is Within Reach of All [...]

How to use Filezilla?

I am trying to copy all the files I have at inmotionhosting to godaddy. I downloaded Filezilla to do this, but I have no idea on how to use Filezilla. Can someone tell me how to transfer the files from one hosting provider to another using Filezilla? Thanks. Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! [...]

Reliable Web Hosting?

I’ve done some research and know the top sites. Just looking to see what others think from experience… I’m considering: I Page Blue Host Host Gator In Motion Web Hosting Pad I’m looking for a host with decent support and one that won’t mess around by increasing charges after a year automatically, shutting my sites [...]

Are there any video hosting site with less than strict copyright rules?

i wanna post some clips from a tv show onto the net — it wasn’t released on DVD region 1 so i had to go through a lot to get it on dvd… now i wanna post some clips on you tube or metacafe or daily motion for others to see — but i don’t [...]