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How to get started on blog design?

Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: The content of a blog is obviously extremely important, and in most cases the content is what decides whether a blog will be successful or flop like a fish out of water. However, the design of a blog is also extremely important. Many bloggers understand the [...]

How many pictures were taken to make the stop-motion film “Coraline”?

Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: It really doesn’t say but this is all I could find about the production stage of the film: “At its peak, the film involved the efforts of 450 people,[6] including from 30[7] to 35[6] animators and digital designers in the Digital Design Group (DDG) directed by [...]

website designer advice needed…?

hi i have a awesome idea for a website but need some info 1st i need a domain name – got and purchasing tomorrow with my master card 2end a web hosting service – (advise) which one? inmotion any good??????????????????? 3rd i need to design it, can i trust a local designer in my country> [...]

is inmotion a good server for blogs?

I’m looking to start a blog, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about InMotion Hosting. However, they seem to be more of a business website host rather than a blog host. Does that matter? would I still be able to create an effective blog? Also, are their web design tools pretty good? I [...]

Best Business web hosting plan?

I just need a hosting plan for my small business with 2 domains and easy to use web design template. I have inMotion ( ), but its going to expire in 2 weeks and I know they are going to raise their prices way high. Needs to have contact form ( email) and would [...]

Photographer looking to post proofs online using Lightroom, how do I do it???

I have a website that is hosted through creation motion design. I’m not sure what to do when it has for ‘FTP’ in lightroom. I’ve checked out several online proofing options, but most charge around + or get a 15% cut for orders. Help! Click Here To Get InMotionHosting Best Offer! Chosen Answer: I do [...]