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Looking for Dedicated or VPS Server?

Im looking for a new server and it will have to be VPS or Dedicated. Id prefer a company that doesnt even offer shared hosting. Ive made bad experiece with godaddy, networksolutions, iweb and unfortunately inmotionhosting, which used to me one of my favorites. Since INMH go hacked 2 month ago, the problems just kept [...]

how to earn good with VPS (virtual private server)?

I’m new to web hosting business, i have purshased the VPS from, please advise what plan and startagies do i have to follow to earn max. profit? please advise with proper reference and planning structure of hosting company…. how should i invest to increase my business, what are the ways to introduce my business [...]

Who has the best web hosting services?

I have heard that Godaddy sucks. I am wondering which company is best and is also fast as possible with hardly any down time. I am not worried about price I am just looking for the absolutely best host available. There are so many different reviews and opinions. Right now it seems like inmotion hosting [...]